Create a Container Water Garden in Three Easy Steps

container water garden

If you live in a small space, or just don’t want the hassle of caring for a large water garden, you can create a container water garden easily and inexpensively. A container water garden is a beautiful feature for a balcony, patio or terrace. A container water garden could even be sunk into the ground for a permanent feature.

Create aContainerWaterGarden– Choosing a Container

A barrel is an excellent vessel for a container water garden. Choose a barrel that is about two feet in diameter. The minimum depth for a successful container water garden would be about twelve inches. You could also use any container of this size such as an old galvanized sink. However, I’ve found that a wooden barrel is the best for a container water garden.

barrel water garden

You will also want to make sure the container is air tight. To check for leaks, first fill the container with water. Then mark the level of the water and let it sit for a few days. If the water level has dropped, you may need to waterproof the container again before continuing with the container water garden.

Also, before you begin, make sure you have the container in the place you intend for it to stay. Once it’s filled with water, it will probably be too heavy to move again.

Create a Container Water Garden– Step #1

The first step to create a container water garden is to partly fill the container with bricks. This will create different planting levels for the plants you add to your container water garden. You’ll need to make sure that the depths of the bricks are the same as the depth requirements for the plants you’ve selected for the container water garden.

Create a Container Water Garden– Step #2

The second step to create a container water garden is to plant your selected plants in aquatic planting baskets. These come in all shapes and sizes and can usually be found in home improvement stores or gardening shops. For a container water garden, it’s best to choose baskets that are curved and will fit snugly around the edges of the container.

Create a Container Water Garden– Step #3

The final step to create a container water garden is to place the baskets in the container at their recommended depths. Sprinkle loose gravel or pebbles on the baskets to keep the soil in place. Then, add any decorations you like to the container but don’t go overboard. A few strategically placed decorative rocks will be all you need for a container water garden.

Finally, gently fill the container with water and you have a beautiful, easy to care for container water garden.