How to Reduce Clutter at Home


Life seems to get busier every day and most people do not have enough time to keep up with the major things that need to be done, let alone the smaller ones like reducing clutter in the home. Here are some simple, easy and quick ways to conquer clutter and keep the home organized.

Spending just a few minutes a day will make a dramatic difference and the quick results will make it easier to stick to proper habits and keep the house neat and tidy.

How to Get Rid of Clutter

These tips will work regardless of which room needs to be dealt with, so start off by picking just one space to focus on at a time.

  • Start by putting things away. Most of the clutter in a home is from items that have not been put where they belong. A juice glass left in the living room, a pair of mitts in the kitchen and so on. Gather up everything that does not belong and put it away. This should clear a fair amount of space immediately and make the area look cleaner and tidier.
  • Then focus on what is actual garbage. Old flyers and magazines, stuff that was supposed to be tossed in the recycling bin but did not quite get there. These will be things that are no longer useful to the household and may include damaged or broken items. Dispose of all of them. Hopefully the majority can be donated to local charities or goodwill or be taken to a recycling depot, but even if some items actually go to the landfill, they do not belong in the house and have to be removed.
  • Take a look at what is left. Does anyone in the house still need or want it or use it? Depending on the specific clutter and which room is being worked on, there may be other items that are no longer needed or wanted but are still perfectly good. Grab a box and start tossing these items in for a local or favourite charity.
  • Now look at those odds and ends that are left. The book borrowed from a friend and never returned, the CD that was made for another person and dropped off. Grab another box and put these types of items in it to deal with during the next errand run or shopping trip.
  • To streamline paperwork consider purchasing a small file box or something similar, depending on how much paper is floating around the house. All those ongoing items such as tickets for the play next week, invitations that need RSVP’s, etc should go in there so no one needs to waste any time looking for them.

Finally, take a look at how to maintain this new and organized space. A few small changes in habit will make a massive difference. Take the extra 5 seconds to put things away and ensure that the rest of the household members do the same. This will not happen overnight but by being consistent everyone will begin to form good habits and they will become an automatic response, leading to a tidy and clutter free home.